I am the type of person who hates asking for help. I don’t know if its from years of being told, through various ways, that asking for help is weak and embarrassing. I really don’t know. Maybe it’s part of my personality.

Anyway, I’m in a bind. My husband, my 5 year-old daughter, and I are currently in a homeless shelter for families. He works part-time at Sam’s Club, and I am currently job-seeking. His pay checks go to bills. There’s the car payment, car insurance payment, gas, and phone bill (contrary to what people think, a cell phone is a necessity). Since we live in the shelter, we do get fed, so we don’t have to worry about that, but we want to be able to get out and get our own place. We’ve been applying to income-based housing (has an average of 18-month to 2-year wait list) and I’ve been applying for jobs every day.

I also have Hypothyroidism and I haven’t had my medicine for over a week now because I cannot afford to see a doctor. I can already feel the adverse effects, the lethargy, the irritability, the weight gain. I feel awful and the sooner I can get back on my medicine to treat my illness, the better.

What I’m asking, if it’s possible, could you donate what you can, be it a dollar, to help us? My Paypal is ceciliasmommy@gmail.com

I’ve seen these things work before and I figured I would at least give it a shot. Thank you for reading and reblog, if you can.